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  • K&J Integrity Roofing is the best roof contractor I know. They do what they say and hands down take care of everything - including using a metal detector to pick up roof nails after the job is finished. They are attentive and genuine. The owner is hands-on. John our sales rep was incredible. We referred them to our Aunt in Needville to replace her roof from storm damage. They were in and out in one day. Can't say enough good things about them.

    Suzette Cotto Avatar
    Suzette Cotto

    K&J Integrity Roofing have recently completed a total roof replacement for my sister’s home. I highly recommend them - integrity is their name and that is how they handle their business. On time, job completed in one day, clean up great, very happy and satisfied with final walk around on beautiful new roof.

    Evelyn Thuesen Harris Avatar
    Evelyn Thuesen Harris

    Positive: Professionalism Kade was very professional and was in contact with us every smooth step of the way. Highly recommended this company. Thank you!!

    Kim Millmore Avatar
    Kim Millmore

    Positive: Quality Job was completed in a professional and timely manner.

    sam thomas Avatar
    sam thomas

    Bryan Savoy Avatar
    Bryan Savoy

    Tara Kilgore Avatar
    Tara Kilgore

    K&J did a fantastic job on two roofs for me within that last two years. They made the process easy, explained the quality vs. non-quality roofs and more important than anything, they follow the laws set forth by the State of Texas as it relates to contractors which was a big deal to me.

    Orlando White Avatar
    Orlando White

    Job was completed in a professional and timely manner.

    sam thomas Avatar
    sam thomas

    Kimberly Humberson Avatar
    Kimberly Humberson

    K&J replaced our roof last year. They are by far the best contractor we've ever worked with. Total professionalism from our original meeting to the final product. IMO, the most important part was the crew they sent to do the job. They were professional, courteous and their craftsmanship was top notch. They installed state of the art materials perfectly. Bottom line, if you need a new roof and want the best possible, headache free job, go with K&J Integrity. BTW, I am not being paid, or compensated, for this review. I'm leaving this review for your benefit.

    Mark Russo Avatar
    Mark Russo

    The K&J team did a fantastic job helping us through the whole process of getting our roof replaced. Highly recommended.

    Matt Tanis Avatar
    Matt Tanis

    Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value K&J integrity is a very professional company, John Lawrence made the whole process painless and kept us informed every step of the way. From helping/handling the insurance process to scheduling the replacement roof. The crew operates like a well oiled machine, and are really efficient. The roof was replaced in june of 2021 and we haven't had a single problem. I would highly recommend K&J!

    Nathan Peet Avatar
    Nathan Peet

    K & J is truly one of the best companies I have worked with in a long time. Their dedication to top notch customer service is impressive. It has been refreshing to work with a stand up guy like Tim that is back by a company with integrity and really just does the right thing.

    Tara Kilgore Avatar
    Tara Kilgore

    Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value We live in Eagle Springs, in Humble. We called several roofing companies for quotes. 1 didn’t even come out to inspect our roof. And another local company came out but didn’t even get up on the roof to inspect it for storm damage. There were a lot of roofs being replaced or repaired due to hail damage. Scott Oder with K&J came out and actually got on the roof to inspect it. He even found a vent that was broken due to the hail storm, and repaired it at no cost. He was here for all the inspections that the insurance sent out. He worked with us and helped navigate our dealings with the insurance. We also had the gutters replaced and added new ones. Scott and his team matched our exterior paint perfectly. Also due to the hammering we had nail pops in a few places on our ceiling. Scott’s painters/ drywall repair team matched the paint and repaired the ceiling flawlessly. Scott Oder is very professional and trustworthy. We will call Scott for any future home projects/ remodeling as they do more than roofing. Thank you sir.

    Jaime Moreno Avatar
    Jaime Moreno

    When you need roofing work done give them your business!

    Donald Storm Avatar
    Donald Storm

    Great job today on my neighbors roof! Looks great !

    Johnny Bahan Avatar
    Johnny Bahan

    Very friendly and great communication. John Lawrence was wonderful to work with. Everything was well explained and the entire process went smoothly. It was done in one day, and my roof looks amazing. Thank you and your team.

    Lisa Damen Avatar
    Lisa Damen

    John Lawrence came by to look at my roof and found hail damage. After I filed with my insurance company, John did his part to get everything they needed, met with the adjuster; and got the job done in a timely manner. He is great with communication and being on time for appointments. I highly recommend John and this company.

    Peter Lee Avatar
    Peter Lee

    We had our roof inspected with k&j integrity roofing with John Taylor. They handled everything and met with the insurance adjuster. They did our roof in one day and they were very clean and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a new roof.

    Sherrie L. Jennings Avatar
    Sherrie L. Jennings

    I had K&J Integrity Roofing replace our roof from damage due to the last tropical storm just recently. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them. John with R&J Integrity Roofing is very easy to work with and his crew came in one day and knocked it out!

    J.R. Hernandez Avatar
    J.R. Hernandez

    The entire K & J team, including their install team, are absolutely amazing. They were thorough about educating us on their process and materials, answered all our questions and were prompt in responding to our calls and texts. Our roof was completed in only one day and left our property immaculate. We highly recommend using K & J Integrity.

    Dawn Bahan Avatar
    Dawn Bahan

    We had our roof inspected with k&j integrity roofing with John Taylor. They handled everything and met with the insurance adjuster. They did our roof in one day and they were very clean and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a new roof.

    Sherrie L. Jennings Avatar
    Sherrie L. Jennings

    They installed a new roof on my home in 11-2020 and I’m very satisfied with the quality of materials n workmanship. They are very knowledgeable and did all the dealing with my insurance company! Tim McKenzie is very knowledgeable about the roofing business and put my mind at ease.He walked me through every step. I definitely will use and recommend them to everyone. THANK YOU !!!

    Lucretia Cooper Avatar
    Lucretia Cooper

    The entire K & J team, including their install team, are absolutely amazing. They were thorough about educating us on their process and materials, answered all our questions and were prompt in responding to our calls and texts. Our roof was completed in only one day and left our property immaculate. We highly recommend using K & J Integrity.

    Dawn Dunn Bahan Avatar
    Dawn Dunn Bahan

    Great service, professional, fast build. Insurance covered roof, beautiful job. Thanks Tim Holbert and Tim Mckenzie

    Joycelyn Holbert Avatar
    Joycelyn Holbert

    We were very happy with the service we received. John Taylor was great to work with and very helpful. The whole process went smoothly and we are very happy with the results.

    Amy Bezub Van Dyke Avatar
    Amy Bezub Van Dyke

    Great to work with and very professional! John Taylor was always available and made sure everything was taken care of with the crew and the insurance company

    Chris Van Dyke Avatar
    Chris Van Dyke

    After discovering I had roof damage, a neighbor suggested I give Mr. Lawrence a call at K&J. BEST ADVICE I received for home repair. These guys were professional and easy to work with. They even worked directly with my insurance company making it extremely easy for me. I highly recommend

    Steve Mchenry Avatar
    Steve Mchenry

    John with K&J Integrity Roofing was extremely professional and help with the entire insurance process. Made replacing our roof a great experience and would highly suggest using K&J for any roofing needs.

    Brian Duplechain Avatar
    Brian Duplechain

    Had to get my roof replaced after tropical storm Beta. John L and K&J Roofing made the insurance process much easier to handle and took care of everything. They did my entire roof within a day. The materials and processes they use is much higher quality than traditional and normal roofing. The color choices were numerous and the results make our house look a world better. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing roofing services.

    Blake Louque Avatar
    Blake Louque

    Communication was clear all the way through, very transparent and thoroughly enjoyed the service provide. Would recommend based on customer service (John L.) and outcome of the roof. If we need additional service or repairs, we will definitely give K&J an opportunity.

    Lorenzo Saenz Avatar
    Lorenzo Saenz

    K&J was Great to deal with from the beginning of the process to the end. They will earn your business by dealing with the Insurance companies for you. John delivers impeccable customer service and goes above and beyond. I would HIGHLY recommend K&J to any Friend or Relative!!

    Jason Byrd Avatar
    Jason Byrd

    K & J Integrity Roofing were very prompt from beginning to end! John explained everything step by step and was available to answer questions anytime. They removed my old roof and replaced it with another, even better and more beautiful, roof. John, James, and the whole crew went above and beyond to make this a very enjoyable experience!

    Delia Carter Avatar
    Delia Carter

    JT was an excellent foreman and maintained communication at every phase of the job. The job was quick, yet thorough and they cleaned up so well that it wasn't easily apparent that the entire roof had just been replaced later that evening. Jarrod and team overall were great and the experience was quick, painless, and professional.

    Anthony J Williams Avatar
    Anthony J Williams

    K&J Rooffing help me to file claim and get new roof. Jonathan was very helpful and informative about claims and process for getting roof replaced. He did all paper work with insurance company so i don't have to do anything.He explain all roofing installation work how its going to be done. Their team came in morning and within 1 and half day they replaced whole roof ,clean all surrounding ,paint all vents and also help me to get rid of satelite dish. Jonhathan was there to check how roof being installed also project manager John came to see if roof installed ok and if i have any concern about installation and was willing to resolve any problem or thing i dont like about installation. they are very polite and professional people. I highely reccommend them. They do free inspection for your roof and let you know exactly what needs to be done.I really aprreciate jONATHAN and his team.

    G GORANE Avatar

    K&J Integrity just replaced our roof. I'm extremely happy with the results.Tim, John and the entire team were very easy to work with. I actually feel like I not only got a new roof, but new friends as well. The crew that did the work were courteous, professional and pure craftsmen. Plus, they put a 50 year transferable warranty on the roof! If anyone needs roofing, I highly recommend K&J.kjintegrityroofing.com

    Mark Russo Avatar
    Mark Russo

    Great group of guys highly recommend if your looking to replace your roof or need repairs. K&J help me with all my insurance requirements.

    Daniel Lopez Avatar
    Daniel Lopez

    I am very pleased with my new roof. K&J worked with my insurance company, explained the entire process and materials used in detail, and delivered what was agreed upon in the agreed upon timeframe. K&J went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. If you need a new roof, i would highly recommend contacting them for an estimate.

    Vanessa Babin Boeta Avatar
    Vanessa Babin Boeta

    Great company. Excellent job done for our new roof. In the times of not being able to trust someone’s word of what they will do and that they will take care of you, this company definitely takes care of you and is true to their word. It is reassuring to work with a company that will make sure that you are cared for. Highly recommend for a quality roof and great customer service.

    Justin Baker Avatar
    Justin Baker

    This is an amazing team. From contract to completion, nothing but top notch professionals. I would highly recommend.

    Jane Hilburn Henry Avatar
    Jane Hilburn Henry

    Jarrod and K & J Integrity Roofing were awesome when it came time to have my roof inspected for damage, and then ultimately replaced- paid for by my insurance company! The experience was seamless, and I would recommend them to anyone who asks. I have the best looking roof on my block! The best part is, I know it has such a great warranty and will hold its value. Thank you, Jarrod!

    Tesha Peeples Avatar
    Tesha Peeples

    I would highly recommend K & J Integrity Roofing to everyone! They completed a complete roof removal and new install for me, and did an amazing job from start to finish! A few highlights of their attention to detail in the process are as follows; * They assisted me in all phases of the processes my Insurance Company required for a new roof request. This included John Lawernce being onsite, and on my roof during my insurance company’s required damage inspection. In addition to filling all required paperwork for replacement to my insurance company. * John and Jarrod set up a personal in home meeting with me showing my options for materials and walking me through the process step by step. * The crew that did the actual removal and install were very professional and extremely respectful of my property. They were also not just on time to do the job, but showed up early. The job was completed in record time! * John was onsite with me during the entire install process. Over seeing the job and answering all of my questions! * My old roof had leaks that caused interior plaster damage. K & J managed the process of the interior repairs. They hired the contractor and coordinated the times for the interior job to be completed. The interior repair is perfect. You can not tell there was ever any previous damage. * During the removal of my old roof a rotting section was discovered. K & J didn’t simply patch the bad section, but instead repair and replaced it entirely! * Upon completion of the job they ensured all the necessary paperwork required by my insurance company was filed. Long story short, as much as needing a new roof can be a pleasant experience, K & J made the entire process painless. (Special shout out to John Lawernce. He is an amazing guy. He was available by phone or personal text, to me at any and all times during this process!)

    Johnna Gudnason Avatar
    Johnna Gudnason

    They did an incredible job withexcellent customer service, focus and attention to detail. Jarrod walked me through the whole process and was very hands on in making sure I was completely satisfied.

    Ed Fliss Avatar
    Ed Fliss

    Jarrod Brooks is very personal and does amazing job explaining everything in detail. Also the roof itself looks amazing as well I would highly recommend K&J Integrity Roofing to anyone. Thanks Jarrod for your hard work and dedication!

    Chris Bayer Avatar
    Chris Bayer

    Absolutely the best! Our roof replacement was the easiest and most pleasant experience I have ever had with a roofing / home repair contractor. Jonathan and Jarrod made the whole process easy and enjoyable. The quality of the CertainTeed products and materials that K & J Roofing installed on our home is exceptional. We highly recommend K&J Integrity Roofing to take care of any of your roofing needs.

    Gary Moore Avatar
    Gary Moore

    We would highly recommend K & J Integrity Roofing! From the first meeting with Jonathan, the process was seamless! The crew was efficient, on time, and their commitment to excellence was evident through the entire process. Not only are we pleased with our beautiful new roof, but the efforts taken through the clean up process surpassed our expectations. They were amazing!

    Carla Moore Avatar
    Carla Moore

    K&J were great to work with and did an incredible job on my roof. I highly recommend them.

    Elaine Mires Harvey Avatar
    Elaine Mires Harvey

    We just had our roof replaced, K & J did an incredible job. They made the process so easy and helped deal with our insurance company directly. Both my husband and I stay pretty busy with work and kiddos, K & J not only followed up with us daily but they also followed up with our insurance company and adjuster as well until we received our approval. K & J also gave our dog house and pool pump cover a new roof too. Not only were they helpful and super friendly throughout the whole process they also worked very quickly to get our new roof on. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new roof.

    Destiny Watson Avatar
    Destiny Watson