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Roofs stand as silent sentinels, protecting your haven against nature’s unpredictable furies. When they falter – be it due to leaks, wind damage, or lost shingles – it’s not just a roof at stake, but the safety of everything it shelters. Amidst the vast skyline of Houston, TX, who do you entrust with your roofing concerns?


Boasting over two decades in the business, K & J Integrity Roofing is established as a premium roofing company. Our track record stands testament to our dedication, superior craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to each project.



Pinnacle of Roofing Excellence

Our secret is simple: We don’t just mend roofs, we foster trust. We position ourselves not just as service providers but as partners in safeguarding your home. We liaise seamlessly with insurance providers and adjusters, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish, making each client’s roofing venture hassle-free.

Why work with us: 

  • Licensed and Insured Team
  • Shingle Master Certified
  • Top Quality Customer Service
  • 20 Years of Experience


Your Home’s Best Defense Starts With Us!

A slight crack, a dislodged tile, or a minor leak may seem trivial but can compromise your home’s safety. These seemingly inconsequential issues can morph into major problems if left unattended. And that’s why it’s essential to bank on a roofing company that understands the intricacies of the craft. In Houston, TX, when your home’s first line of defense needs fortification, there’s one name to remember: K & J Integrity Roofing. It’s not just about fixing roofs; it’s about ensuring a protective embrace for your abode. So, when thinking of roofing solutions, think safety, think precision and think of us. Dive into a world where quality and integrity aren’t just words, but promises etched in every tile, shingle, and nail.


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